Gemini daily horoscope
Gemini Daily Horoscope |


If you managed to reassure or take a step further in your romance, you're in for a treat. Stars' prediction couldn't get any better for you, everything suggests things will go smoothly, and that you've found that special someone you'd been expecting for so long.

You will have no reasons to be afraid and you'll be able to rest easy. One of the things that can make us the most calm is not having secrets or anything we should hide from the other person, which is what you did. February couldn't start in a better way regarding your love life. Congratulations!


If your business is oriented towards marketing, as February begins you'll be having great expectations coming along. In the same way, there's also good expectations coming for those who work on sales, both working for a company and on their own.

Stars' aligment will bring high chances of success, especially today, for investments. If you've been waiting to invest on that product or thinking about purchasing a house, buying a car or something similar for a while, today will be an especially appropriate day for this transaction to turn out profitable and beneficial for you. When making your final decision, let intuition be your guide: luck will be on your side.


We're in physical contact with many people throughout the day, especially you; and for some reason, stars have decided to turn you into a sort of sponge that absorbs everything. That's right, this means that today you'll be at the mercy of viruses and bacteria.

Any measure you take to avoid falling sick will be more than welcome, from not having your lunch in places that don't seem so clean, to washing your hands a few times a day; and if you can, you could even keep a "safe distance" from all those people who may be going through an infection or illness.