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The Friday January 26th Gemini Stars Prediction

Gemini: Your Star Sign Revelations

Gemini: Your Star Sign Revelations |



Airy signs, such as Gemini, generally aren't looking for commitment. Maybe because you just didn't meet the right person, insecurity or fear of rejection; but up to today, that wasn't on your mind.

Today you'll realize how, almost unwillingly, your relationship with that person has evolved until reaching a level of great commitment and responsibility.

By this point, you'll have to show consistency and get involved with love and affection. And for those single Gemini, you'll get lots of chances to meet someone new during the weekend who helps you learn to love again.


Having the weekend ahead is getting hard for you because all you do is think about the things you'll have to let go of because of a smaller budget. You can only think of the plans your family and friends have ahead of them and you're sick and tired of them.

Even in a bad time, having to go to work will be the unavoidable excuse you need to justify your absence. Also, since shifts are getting more relaxed, you'll find the perfect chance to socialize with your workmates for a while and forget about any trouble on your mind.


There's many useful techniques out there to «program» our brain and have it working to make us as happy as possible. One of them consists of thinking through, at least for three weeks, to find three things or issues in your life that make you feel grateful.

After that time, almost without realizing it, your mind will come back to the things that made you happy and that will bring consequences not only to your mood, but your health as well. Although as a good Gemini, you can play the skeptic with these practices, setting any of them into action will help you improve your lifestyle.