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Gemini Magical Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday 12th February

Check Your Horoscope for Today, Monday 12th February
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Jealousy is damaging your relationship. Not with your partner, but with your friends. One of your closest friends is feeling jealous because your outgoing personality is allowing you to meet other people and you're making plans without them.

Pay more attention, and if you talk about this, do it very carefully to avoid offending your friend. Don't say you may have felt like they do at some point, because things will go back to normal.

Lately you've been using more foul language than ever before. That might make you say inappropriate things with children around and create friction among your family and friends. Learn to control your anger.


Have you ever considered how much you spend in transport every month? Maybe it's time for some reflections with a notebook and calculator in your hands.

Stop using the car so much, choose public transport or ask if anyone could get you into their carpool to work and back home.

By the end of the month you'll see you're saving up some money, which is perfect to get yourself something nice. A piece of clothing, tickets to a concert, a spa and massage session.

Leaving your car at the parking lot does sound more interesting now, right?


The blood flow in your legs has had better times, right? You're starting to see some varicose veins, feel some tingling...

It's time for you to work on your legs, giving yourself a rub with some moisturizing cream, and you may want to lift them up every now and then.

If your flexibility allows it, a good way to get your blood pumping properly (which you can also do if you're experiencing hemorrhoids) is to lie down on your bed and get your legs on the wall, nice and tight, at a 90 degree angle.

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