Gemini daily horoscope
Gemini daily horoscope |




After coolness there’s always good news. Your romance with that person couldn’t end up in a worse way, but another unknown person will make you feel things you hadn’t felt since your childhood. If you love, do it with all your forces, and don’t care about what is to come tomorrow. 

Gemini who have been with their partners for some months will have to face a moment of tension. Don’t hesitate and listen to the different points of view to get other perspectives.  From outside, things seem different and not everything has to lead you to disaster.



As for your economy, you are worried because everything is being so perfect, and you find it suspicious. Stop caring about tomorrow and afford anything you desire although you know a big expense is to come to you soon. Ration your money but enjoy it too! 

At work things are a bit better. The company is not having good incomes and is going through hard times, that’s why your colleagues and you think it will end up by being fired. Assume your part of responsibility but not all of it.


We told you; the effort your are making to get rid of these extra kilos you got at Christmas is working. Those too-ripped jeans fit you now perfectly. 

Following a heart diet doesn’t mean depriving of certain aliments (although you don’t believe it, you can still consume sugar). People tend to confuse following a diet with not eating much, reason why they are discouraged by their diet. Don’t let it happen to you and if you feel attracted by an ice-cream, go take it!