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Full Gemini Magical Horoscope for Saturday, 10th February

Full Forecast for Today, Saturday
Gemini Daily Horoscope |


Long ago you had a very intense relationship, and with the break-up came insecurities and negativity. Now they want you back, but they're much more different to when you drifted away. They're more mature, honest, and learned their lesson. It's up to you to welcome them back, but no evils are coming. History doesn't have to repeat itself, and it won't.

In other news, stop worrying about your family's lives. Yours is hard enough. If you want to help, show them your lifestyle, and see if they can follow the example. Time goes by quickly, life is over before you know it; and they should learn to live it to the fullest, just like you do.


Calm down. You should never make rushed decisions about money, because you'll regret it for a long time. It could turn your finances upside down, and not in a good way. Set everything straight, have clear ideas; and most of all, find out where you want to be, where you really are now, and where you should set your aims for the upcoming week.

If you're unemployed, it's time to think about the reasons why. Is your training not enough? What about experience? Or maybe you just can't sell yourself? Find out about local resources and services, and set an appointment with a job counselor to help you with your CV, cover letters, or what areas should your training cover to join the job market.


These days, you've been feeling a bit clueless and you don't know why; it's as if your mind was scattered off. It's time to get some work done on your brain, and for starters, you should turn the TV off; it's on for longer than it should.

Also, pay less attention to your computer and smartphone, because your sight is starting to wear out. Try getting a pastime book and do some crosswords and word searches. You'll be entertained while getting the most important muscle in your brain into action; you don't keep it as active as it wants.