Gemini Daily Horoscope
Gemini Daily Horoscope |


Stars have agreed to give you an unexpected push in your search for love. It will happen without much effort and somewhere you wouldn't even know. Maybe queuing up for something, going on a tour, or perhaps on your way to work. But don't stay home, because love won't come knocking on your door. Let Cupid find you in the street so that he can shoot you with one of his arrows. 

Why do you feel that your closest friends are manipulating you? You've created a paranoid thought you need to get out of your head right now. Those people love you very much and they prove it every day; don't go jumping at shadows.


You weren't expecting it, but today stars are in your favour, and ahead you lies a time that will prove beneficial for you, related to your finances.

This situation can even leave you puzzled; just let it go and enjoy a little. Learn to savour victory when it comes so naturally.

At work, count to ten and learn to take things in the way they are, with grace and elegance. It may not be easy, but show off a smile against those little obstacles whenever you can, and even against those little bumps on the road you'll be encountering on the first few days.

You must follow your instincts and have lots of emotional intelligence. Don't lose your drive.


If you're a smoker, it's due time to cut your ties to that addiction. Look for some professional help, and don't go thinking that you alone can use your willpower to quit; you've said many times that “Monday's the day to quit” and it's only taken you a few days, or even a few hours, to fall back in. Forget about self-help books and experimental treatments, and have a chat with your doctor.

Smoking isn't just harming your lungs. Your teeth are starting to get a yellow-ish shade, and mouth infections take longer to heal. Nicotine is stopping you from absorbing vitamin C appropriately; quitting smoking will also help you with those issues related to stomach pains.