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Sunday January 28th Gemini Stars Prediction

Gemini: Your Star Sign Revelations
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Those single Gemini may be facing quite an important day ahead. Realizing that throughout your life very few people have managed to enter your heart will make you rethink your way of understanding love, as well as your own personality.

You're not off the right track if you think you're too complicated or demanding. What you actually want is to create a bond with someone at all levels; both intellectually and more physically, in a specific way, and that's how you leave very little space for the other person to move around and get to you.


For better or for worse, the office is one of the places where we spend the longest time through the course of our lives. Instead of perceiving your office as a sort of second residence (or, in other words, a space where you feel at peace and relaxed, and to which you want to return as soon as possible), you think that it's a prison environment where you're forced to go against your will.

Even though you've got workmates with whom you have a good connection, thinking about starting over for the week and having to go to work every day is starting to be too much to handle. Maybe this is just a warning signal.


Cavities are an issue that affects most of the population, and it's probably more ignored than paid attention to. You don't intend to step into the dentist's office at all until you don't start feeling the pain, and thinking this way is a terrible mistake to make.

In their budding stage, you can't tell you've got cavities because they're white, but along their development they start phasing into a yellowish, and possibly even a black shade; this is a sign of enamel destruction. You should give a solution as soon as possible to this problem if you don't want it destroying your teeth.