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Gemini Forecast for Thursday 8th February by Magical Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Thursday
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You're experiencing an inside journey that you're enjoying to the fullest, even without a clear ending. This introspection is absolutely healthy, and necessary as well. You need to know yourself better to give back the love you receive, which you sometimes ignore because you've gotten too used to it.

One-way love isn't enjoyed by anyone. Talk to your partner. There's an affection blockage, a direct consequence of what we started with, and which should be taken down to prevent barriers from becoming unavoidable.

Don't be afraid of calling things by their right name, from respect, and especially from empathy.


Stars say you should calm down about your financial situation. It seems that money goes out much more merrily than it goes in, and there's no end in sight. Bills are coming to an end, so take a deep breath and be patient. There's no other way.

Avoid any murky business proposals. No one gives money away easily, no matter how tempting the project may seem; be mistrusting even to that close friend who's insisting on you to go for it. They still don't know, but they'll regret having stepped in, and they'll regret proposing it.


You feel more bloated, and it's true that you've let your nutrition slide down the drain in the last few days. You know you need your five meals a day, and of course you should avoid snacking, but your schedule brings a lack of control that affects your meal regularity. Make use of alarm clocks to get healthy habits.

Also, you should try to have digestive herbal teas to help you with your fluid retention. You'll feel lighter in no time. Teas like horsetail can be taken at any time, but remember that they have theine (which will make you nervous), so if you want a good night's sleep, avoid it from 4 in the afternoon onwards.

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