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Gemini Magical Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Tuesday 13th February

Full Prediction for Today, Tuesday 13th February
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You know that generally you're not very shy; in any case, you'd rather consider yourself cautious. You can't stand people who label themselves as 'authentic' who say out loud what they're thinking the first chance they get; you always choose to say things the way they really are. And that gives stability to your relationship, because you only confront your partner when needed. Well done.

With your family you'll have to get vibes out of nowhere for everything to run smoothly. The problem is obviously there, and it's a shared responsibility, even if you think it's none of your business, because you kind of know it is. Every house has issues.


You're a bit paranoid at work during this day of bad luck. You feel someone's watching and analyzing every move you make, every time you get up to go to the toilet, every time you open your mouth throughout the day. It doesn't make sense, stop obsessing about what other people may say and don't go too far off the edge.

If you think you've made a mistake, you should be the one giving notice of it before someone else does; it will be more positive and you can come out stronger. Not everyone is brave enough to take the blame, and that's something easily appreciated.

A good dose of honesty can be the secret to a great, promising career.


Your organizational skills can help you manage time more effectively, and in the end, give yourself a couple hours to enjoy your free time alone.

You need it for inner balance, because this part of you is currently at stake.

Exploit your tools and start working on your balance from within.

And learn to relax once you come through your front door. It's your little piece of heaven, your spot to shine. Don't forget.

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