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Gemini Magical Horoscope for 6th February

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You want to keep your head cool but your heart's beating stronger than ever. You don't know how to manage those feelings that are turning your head around, and you're still afraid to let yourself go. Take small but sure steps. You think you'll regret it, but something within you knows that's not the case; you're almost certainly sure of what you're doing.

Your family needs you, but they don't know how to ask for help. Talk to them, ask about everyone, and scrape the surface as soon as you see something strange. Don't get mad about being the last to know, and offer your help before they actually need it.


It's Tuesday, and its origins date back to the time of Mars, the god of war. So take advantage of today to pull off your warrior side and don't let anyone get you out of the place you think you deserve. Don't fall back, because you've got fate on your side.

The things that usually drive you to look to the side will make you raise your voice today, and you'll be heard by the right people.

In other news, your mind is set on your next holiday and how to plan your days off by getting away from the city. Get involved and plan the trip you've been putting off, but be sensible about it. As soon as you look for information and advice, you'll come to realize you don't need to spend much.


You've been feeling some tingle in your arms, legs and joints, and you can feel they're going numb. Watch out for your blood flow and start moving. Quit your excuses and start to take care and love yourself.

You don't even need to spend money, because you can give yourself some massages that ease pains and help you to relax. You'll see great results coming.

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