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The Tuesday January 23rd Gemini Stars Prediction

Gemini: Your Star Sign Revelations

 Gemini: Your Star Sign Revelations |



Each couple is a whole new world and they organize their happenings any way they want. It is true that there's some common elements and features, and some others may not be the same. Two people aren't fully alike and you're very well aware of that: sometimes, not even you can understand yourself.

If you think these circumstances are overwhelming and stressful for you, having some personal space to gather your thoughts may not be so bad after all. Having some room of your own to grow and expand as a person doesn't seem like a bad idea to you and doesn't necessarily have to be negative or harmful, but the complete opposite.


You may get a bit of a stir-up financially today. It is true that everything was smooth as silk, but setting that receipt aside until the end of the month wasn't a good idea, even if back in the day it seemed like one. You'd completely taken it off your mind, and now that you've been charged for it, you're in a pretty sticky situation.

Just to get some weight off your shoulders, you may be forced to put off some pending payments. The time to get that debt settled once and for all is yet to come.


You started your week willing to get in that exercise your body was craving for, and you couldn't become any more hopeless about the results. You woke up in too much pain and that's probably because you didn't make much of a wise choice for the activity you had to perform, even if it's a sign of a job well done for those who are more well-read in fitness matters. 

Remember that your main goal right now is to increase endurance, because you're not used to this type of exercise. There's more people than you would think who give up their exercise resolutions for the new year because of the pain. Don't give up with the first obstacle: you will only get good results if you work on it hard and for a long time.