Magical Horoscope 2
Gemini Daily Horoscope |


Your past experience of living your life alone for some time allows you to enjoy being in your own skin, and you can even manage to avoid encountering certain people.

It's okay if you spend hours or even days on your own; you're strong enough to avoid going mad, like other people do.

In fact, you use up that time to talk to yourself and know yourself better, and to start appreciating your virtues.

Don't go grasping at straws, because you don't need to.

What you see outside is just the tip of the iceberg, when there could be a poisoned apple hiding underneath.


Your goal of putting money in the bank is falling behind every single day. That's not the way to go! You may lie to other people, but you can't lie to yourself.

Push yourself a little harder, get mad at yourself if you need to, but don't skip your set goal any longer.

You're saving up because you want to give yourself a break (a trip somewhere far, perhaps?) which is not only well deserved, but will also help you relax.

At work there will be some dark clouds looming around, and you'll fall under their shade. You'll be part of a conflict where you'll have to choose sides.

Be wise and avoid speaking out loud, because there won't be anything good coming for you if you choose sides.


People usually say that music makes miracles. This Valentine's Day, it's time to get your favourite records and play them again, because you'll find messages that will boost your self-confidence and will do wonders for you.

Also, they will help your inner child grow stronger after some time in isolation.

Nostalgia doesn't necessarily have to be negative, because you're grown-up enough to know that the past wasn't any better.

In fact, you've been much worse in the past than now, but for different circumstances you just worried less. Isn't it due time to feel butterflies in your belly, like the old days, and learn to downplay your current issues?