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Gemini Magical Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this coming Wednesday

Find out Your Gemini Horoscope for Today, 7th February
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You're your own worst enemy. Your love life is taking you into inner conflicts that you can't always manage, and that makes you so upset, it makes you not want to look in the mirror.

Forgive yourself, you're not doing anything wrong. Don't forget you're the star of your own life, and love in everyday life is very different from what we've been taught in books and movies.

You should visit your family more, even though that doesn't mean they couldn't give you a call and meet up for lunch, or for a nice cup of coffee mid-afternoon.

Don't let time go by for so long, and leave your ego aside.


Wednesday is a good time to look at job offers through the Internet and your smartphone. Things are going better each time, and you'll come to see that you won't have to go through so much pain in the future.

Try surfing through job-seeker social networks, because there's some action going on in your area of expertise. You'd forgotten about looking at the market, hadn't you?

No one will call on your door offering you a briefcase full of money, no matter how much you dream about it. But, what if we take that imagination and creativity to have a bit of work on the side? You're talented enough to do that, so get your hands dirty. Stop lazing around in a pair of old shoes.


After a few days of pains, you've woken up to a much better Wednesday, quite recovered; your body seems to have stopped complaining, at least at the same intensity it was doing so. You can now go back to your old ways, but being careful.

If any of your plans has something to do with getting lost in the crowd, you should avoid it for now; it's best if you don't mingle yet.

If you can't find time to do sport, or at least, have a nice long walk to activate your metabolism, try doing some exercise at home.

If you look around the Internet you'll find a nice bunch of tutorials you can carry out in your own living room which won't take longer than ten minutes.

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