Gemini monthly horoscope for December 2019. | Magic Horoscope

Love: Time to evaluate

The natives of Gemini who are single will find that the last month of the year is a wonderful time for their love lives, but in particular, regarding their sex lives.

There's a lot of planetary activity in your sex area and that's why you'll enjoy the energy of Venus that will attract the looks and desire of many people around you that you didn't think could feel these feelings you provoke.

If you're one of the single natives, you'll enjoy variety, which is a very attractive condition for the natives of your sign.

Many Gemini natives will have to face conflicts in which they'll be accused of being selfish or arrogant. If you're in a relationship, you should pay attention to the needs of your partner and compliment them so they can feel your love more realistically. The full moon will make you evaluate your reality, Gemini.

You'll enjoy an excellent month when it comes to your social life.

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Money: A lot of action

Work and careers are two areas that experience great energy throughout this month. You'll be a bit tired by the time the month ends.

The presence of the colossal Mars in Scorpio affects you a lot and emphasises everything that's related to employment and service.

You won't have much time to rest, Gemini.

Proposals will come for partnerships or teamwork in which profits and money will be subject to conversations and delays.

The money you share with partners will be in the spotlight. The time will come when you'll be forced to organise these issues.

You may have to help your partner or they might have to help you regarding finances. It won't be easy for you to discover how much this matter affects your emotional life. This situation could be used to establish new patterns in which you avoid manipulation or control between the two.

Health: Be careful with stress

Getting carried away by an overly active social calendar coupled with a busy end of the year at work are two conditions that can bring negative consequences for your body.

Start taking your health seriously or you'll start the year in a state of complete burnout, Gemini.

You have to rest and sleep enough for your mind to relax or you may suffer problems in your nervous system.