Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - GEMINI | Magic Horoscope



Throughout this month of February, you'll be much more affectionate to your partner. This attitude change will make them suspicious of you and they might think you're after something, but it's actually not the case.

Your goal is to enjoy their company much more, because you know that they could leave any minute because of a trip, and you need to make the most of every second together. You're even thinking about moving in together or making a family, because you think it's the right time for it. Looks like you lost all fear of marriage and anything related to commitment.

  • If you eventually think of having a family of your own: Types of mom and dad by zodiac sign

Despite all this, you'll have plenty of freedom to spend time with your friends and loved ones, especially because there's absolute trust between you, and there's no jealousy or envy in your relationship.

You can use these days as a chance to get updated on the latest news from friends. Maybe one of them has some good news to share.



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The stars will get on your side so that you can make some extra money. However, it'll be necessary to try a bit harder, because no one is going to just give you anything.

You'll gladly receive a friend's proposal: working for him when you're done with your main paying work. Even if the wages aren't too high, it'll always do you good to pay off some bills. It won't take much of your time, and by the end of the month, you'll manage to save up plenty of money.

Use February to watch your expenses a little closer, because you were consuming more than you actually needed as of lately. In just a few days, you'll surely see your accounts and numbers getting a bit better.

At some point, because of your excessive ambition, you might start considering changing homes or cars, but think twice before making any final choices. You might regret it in the future because it could not be the right time to take on such a large payment, especially if your partner doesn't have enough financial resources to help.



You feel quite overwhelmed because there's a lot on your mind plate, and you can't organise yourselves the right way. Whenever you can, you should do some exercise, especially outdoors, to get rid of all that tension.

To avoid putting so much responsibility on your shoulders it would be best if you entrusted certain chores to someone around you, because you're overflowing with anxiety, and you could fall ill any second.

By the way, instead of worrying about others so much, you should start thinking of your own health issues, which can turn things around in a bad way when you least expect it.

You'll go through certain weak points, and that might be because of a poor diet, especially because you eat at different times every day, and it's almost always a diet based on ready-made foods. Therefore, it would be great if you learned how to cook.

Start taking out from your fridge whatever items you deem unhealthy, and fill it up with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Any time you're hungry, instead of resorting to cookies or chocolate, you can have a piece of fruit. Not only will it help you stay hydrated, but it will also make you full for a couple hours.