Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - GEMINI | Magic Horoscope 

Love: You're becoming a loner

For some reason, you'll stay home more and avoid contact with your loved ones. You might be going through something, but you don't know why this strange behaviour is setting in.

You'll become more of a loner and completely neglect social relationships. You'll be invited to all sorts of events, but you'll always turn down any proposal coming your way, no matter how thankful you feel for it.

You need to be thankful to your partner for listening to you and paying so much attention to what's going on. It looks like no one but them can understand you. They can even see that your issues come from a series of pending affairs you can't quite specify.

On their hand, single Geminis will also enjoy the loner life, but without losing track of the person they're so physically attracted to.


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Money: Careful with some shopping

Geminis, this is a month to experiment, to try out new things. You're thinking now or never. After always working for someone else, now you're taking the leap and flying solo, with everything it entails. Get ready to pay more taxes and pay up the bills of all your suppliers. Still, it'll be very satisfying for you not to depend on any manager.

You'll make some of the people around you jealous because of your ability to break through. Even if it's highly risky, you'll be willing to do anything it takes.

Be very careful with some behaviours. You'll let yourselves be highly influenced by shopwindows and sales. Many times you buy out of the blue and when you come home you realise the mistake you made. You'll have to bring back part of what you've bought, because you won't really have a use for it.

Health: Open to trying out something new

You should fight for finding balance between body and mind. You always think that exercise is only good to shape your figure, but it's actually a way to help your mind relax. You'll manage to stay calmer, and the time you use to do sport will help you set straight many of your issues and concerns.

You'll find new activities connected to meditation. Online you'll see many positions, as well as yoga and pilates exercise routines. If you can, get on it first thing in the morning and you'll be able to start your day right.

You'll have a sixth sense that will allow you to run away from toxic individuals who want nothing but for you to be as sad and pessimistic as them.