Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - GEMINI | Magic Horoscope



Love: Prepare for a series of complications

Life in a relationship brings a series of complications that you have to assume. You can’t just look away and avoid problems. You partner will share their life with you and try to involve you a little more in matters that affect the relationship.

You’ll need a lot of patience and ability to fight certain situations that will provoke arguments between you. These small crises are very common among couples who have been together for a while, but you worry that your partner isn’t your soul mate.

What you shouldn’t allow is that laziness takes over your lives. At the moment, you can get tired of your partner’s behaviour, but instead of saying nothing, you should make them understand.

Gemini natives who’re single will have to wait a while until they truly fall in love. You may feel something special for someone, but they won’t be what you expected.


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Money: Stay serious in negotiations

Gemini, you’ll suffer a series of setbacks that’ll make you have to make an effort to have enough money for the month with minimal financial guarantees. You’ll get proposals to participate in a business that is presented as very profitable, but after a few days, you’ll realize that it’s a scam. Do everything you can to recover what belongs to you.

It’s important that you learn to negotiate and that you don’t accept what you’re proposed at first. Tell the people you’re negotiating with what your needs are and don’t leave the meeting until an agreement is reached.

At work, you have to be very careful with the misunderstandings that can happen, especially if your relationship with certain people doesn’t flow completely. By not talking to each other, you’ll each do your tasks in a different way and the result can be catastrophic.

Health: You’ll have breathing problems

You feel it’s increasingly difficult for you to breathe normally. It may be a problem derived from allergies or the pollution you are surrounded by. You need to isolate yourself for a few days in the mountain, away from the city and traffic.

When exercising, you should avoid running or any sport. that involves a strong impact on the ground so your ankles and knees don’t suffer so much.

Have you tried swimming? It’s a comprehensive sport that can help you sleep better at night.