Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - GEMINI
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - GEMINI | Magic Horoscope


Love: Relationships are strengthened

During the course of this month, Mars travels through the zodiac area that represents everything related to romance and romantic relationships. This transit will give the natives of your sign a strong stimulus to develop their love lives without fear.

Sexual intimacy, as well as seduction and flirting, will be more important than other months.

It’ll be easier for the natives of Gemini to take the initiative although they may have outbursts or be clumsy.

Venus will travel the last sections of its time in Libra and will especially favour the natives of the third position.

There’s a lot of energy buzzing about romance and relationship issues for Gemini during this month.

It’s an excellent time to go after the love you’re dreaming for. Leave fears or inhibitions behind. Being gentle and listening to what others have to say are two keys to success in conquests. The results will depend on how you develop the art of actively listening to others.

It’s a unique month for bonds and weddings. If you’re waiting for that proposal that doesn’t come, it’s time to take the lead.

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Money: Financial freedom

Your work life is very fast-paced this month, these are proposals and conversations to apply various changes.

The beginning of the month might reveal the possibility of moving or promotion in the case of those who work for others. These changes will be put back on the table at the end of the month, so if there’s suddenly no more talk about the subject, don’t despair. Take it easy.

The same goes for the natives who work independently. Contracts, sales and purchases will arrive as long as you stay away from anxiety and worry Gemini. Being aggressive in negotiations will lead to losses. Use the art of diplomacy, you know how to do it.

Money will arrive and it won’t be a problem in October, you could use part of your savings to go on holiday.

Health: Stress and insomnia

The biggest drawback to your health lies in your anxiety and your mind this month. Obsessions, internal dialogue, the rumination of ideas and the permanent stimulation of your nervous system will be the causes of your discomfort.

This month you could suffer insomnia and that will deteriorate your health if you don’t put a brake on it.

You need to learn to be in charge of your head. You should learn some exercises you can do to relax. You won’t be able to improve your health without true control of your mind.

Conscious breathing and meditation are two keys to inner peace that you can use every day.