Gemini Monthly Horoscope for September

Your Horoscope for September 2019
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - GEMINI | Magic Horoscope


Love: Distance relationships will create doubts

Distance relationships will bring some doubts and concerns. You'll need to feel the touch of the skin of the person you love. Do what you can to experience a face-to-face encounter.

You'll see that life is complicated, but that if you fight for what you want, the satisfaction you achieve is enormous and indescribable.

There will be gossip and judgements around you that disturb the way you perceive feelings and it won't be easy to avoid them (although you'll achieve it, with tact and diplomacy if you can).

Single Gemini will feel especially vulnerable at times this month and they'll shout to the universe to give them love. And the consequences aren't entirely ideal. They might fall into the arms of an ex-partner.

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Money: You will be concise when claiming debts

You advocate being clear and concise when doing your accounts. You won't stutter when you need to claim a debt or ask a boastful friend to pay their share of dinner.

You'll talk openly about finances and that can improve some relationships, thanks to your candour.

You develop speed and skill when filling your shopping basket, Gemini. Your budget is as tight as it can be, but nothing will be missing in your pantry.

Beware of compulsive purchases this month. An offer or a discounted product will drive you crazy and it may end up in your basket despite being completely unnecessary.

You'll ask yourself many questions regarding your career. You'll remember what your dreams as a child were and you'll analyse whether you've fulfilled them or not. Perhaps a change of direction will help you find a new path down which you can prosper.

Health: You won't hide your health problems

You accept your health as it is, you won't hide if you suffer any problems and you'll visit the doctor if you've been avoiding it for some time. You'll realize that you can't play with your well-being, Gemini and this can lead you to try new treatments or to have the surgery you were avoiding.

New technologies dominate your life and bring you closer to those who are far away, but they also distance you from your nearest and dearest. Put your phone down from time to time at home, be independent.

Control the quantity and quality of your sleep. Sleeping too little is as bad as sleeping more than you need to.