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The Gemini prediction for the month of July

Your Gemini predictions for July 2018
Magic Horoscope July | Monthly Horoscope


Love: Build up your relationship

Love stories need to build up slowly, with the same amounts of passion and patience. This July, Geminis will have to solidify the basis of their relationship through much effort and dedication.

There's no doubt that love and relationships will lead the emotional path of July for native Geminis, leaving other feelings on the background.

There'll be many obstacles. Mixed feelings will come up in the first couple of weeks. You feel you're neglecting your friends in favour of your partner, and you do everything they tell you to do: it's as if you weren't autonomous. And just to top it off, you argue with them because you don't have the same future plans.

On the 21st there's a cycle change for Geminis' souls, which will find a path towards spirituality. That'll be the turning point to start an inner reconstruction process that will allow you to look for another type of relationship with your partner. If you work hard enough you'll solidify your relationship and that will bring very special feelings.

Otherwise, it'll be a month of positive sensations, and Geminis will have to learn how to express their feelings and experience all emotions, sad or happy, more naturally.

Money: New chances

July will be a steady, productive month for Geminis' finances. They will be steady with occasional peaks and a moderate upward trend that will skyrocket in the last two weeks.

The 5th will be key to open new horizons, with a new positive cycle that brings new chances of success. The 9th is the best day for Geminis' businesses. During that stage you need to reinforce your leadership skills and use them in your favour.

On the second half of the month there's quite a positive evolution at work, Geminis. You need to follow your intuition and trust your wits to solve tasks efficiently.

Investments will also improve, especially from the 18th. On the 25th, Geminis who are unemployed or living on almost nothing will be lucky enough to get a break.

Health: Calm and collected

Geminis' health will be strong this July. It'll be a good summer for native Geminis; you just have to worry about keeping those long-time nerves at bay.

Here's some minor issues that'll come throughout the month:

Blood flow issues on the 5th and insomnia on the 8th (coming back on the 15th). On the 9th you'll experience stomach pains, and on the 14th there's problems with your teeth. On the 16th, watch out for fungi, and on the 23rd you'll get back pain.

Aside from that, you can use the remaining days to control your nerves and reinforce your body's strength. You'll have to bring more vitamin B into your diet, have a better breakfast, get a bad vibration cleanse, rest more and avoid foul thinking.

On the 11th the stars will help you soothe your nerves. On the 27th there's a house change of your ruling planet, which will send head pains into your hands and feet (your joints).

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