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Magic Horoscope: The Gemini Prediction for the month of June

Your Gemini predictions for June 2018
Magic Horoscope June for Gemini   |


Love: A month of doubts

This June will be complex regarding relationships and feelings, with unexpected events that will turn your emotions upside down, and extreme situations that will make you bring out your coldest, most analytical side to choose a path. You'll have to make very important decisions.

Even if you try to awaken the passion in your relationship, and even if your partner showers you with love, you've got deeper issues that will surface soon. The 5th and 6th, for instance, are days to be honest, to act with your head and not your heart. Hard days when your relationship will tumble and you need to choose whether you should part ways or if it's something worth saving.

There will also be complicated days for Geminis in love with someone from the same sex, or someone whose condition or age isn't appreciated by people around. Doubts will invade your thoughts now more than ever, but it's time to choose whether you want to suffer in silence or accept your reality, be brave and show your real you to the world. June will be liberating.

Around mid-month, June will be fun and exciting. For a few days you'll feel the attraction to someone you've known for a while; later on someone will come into your life and change everything. On the 11th a very charming surprise will reward your generosity; on the 14th, someone you clashed with will come over to make peace, and on the 15th you'll feel someone you know likes you. That's exciting, isn't it?

In the second half of June, get ready to deal with the hateful traits of your Gemini personality. That unavoidable impulse for gossip, that lack of drive to do house chores, that lack of humility...


Money: Steadiness and growth

This upcoming month will be there for you to enjoy, Geminis, to relax a little and live your good times with excitement and happiness.

Although the first days of the month will be packed with nerve-wracking situations, don't let yourselves be tricked. A workmate could try to trick you some way and there's changes coming to the office, so it's important to keep your head cool to stay firm in your position. You'll then feel your finances growing, and that's something your wallet will know.

During those days you need to focus on improving your job profile even more (continue training) and develop skills which could give you more merit. You could even try to optimise your mistakes in order to spend less and save more, but without obsessing about it.

Dreaming, making projects, getting excited, and feeling the bliss of a job well done will be the trend from the 11th onwards. That implies, of course, not going crazy with profits and keep your feet on the ground. It's time to swim and put away your extra layers, avoid risky investments and gambling, and keep your head cool in sticky situations.

The end of June will be sort of despairing, because your profits will grow slowly. That's why you need to make some more effort to save, increase your finances, but especially stay calm. You're on the right track.

Health: A month to improve

This is a soothing month that you can use to improve your health. You'll have to pay close attention to breathing problems that have been going around for a while. The 8th will be a key date for you to give it a final solution.

June starts with some anxiety attacks from issues you've dragged along from last month, and an overexposure to medications which can give you serious consequences. But soon you'll feel your body improve. A serious health issue you had will start fading off, and there'll be a positive trend regarding your physical state.

On these first days of the month you can give yourselves a treat, some time to take care of yourselves, and get away from electronic devices to activate your brain. On the 10th, the horoscope warns you need to be careful about your sex habits and promiscuity: take all measures possible to avoid getting a scare. The 13th is especially ideal for Gemini ladies to visit their gynecologist, and the 20th for a pap smear test. It'll be a month to take care of ladies' health.

From the 11th, all pains you may have will subdue, and you can use this time to go to the gym, take walks, drink lemon to reinforce your immune system, and strengthen your mind. On the last days of the month, from the 18th and especially the 22nd, you need to start strengthening your mind to strengthen your body. You need to turn your mind power into an impenetrable fortress.