Magic Horoscope: The Gemini prediction for the month of May

Your Gemini predictions for May 2018
Gemini Monthly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: A month to find your other half

This month will start on a weird note, with some negative feelings that will force you to keep your feet on the ground and get down from the stage you're on. Only you changed, no one else, and you need to change a few things.

If you're Geminis in a relationship, it's time to change some malfunctioning dynamics. You need to start working and solve these relationship issues. Knowing each other and awakening passion will be the keys for the upcoming month.

If you're single, you're in luck. The stars bring very positive days in your future love life. But you also need to work it. The key will be to jump in, stay positive and appreciate others.

In the last days of May you'll get some negative vibes and feel blinded by the return of people from your past or perhaps even a family issue.

Money: Your numbers will rise 

Instability will be the norm for Geminis at the beginning of May. It seems that this job doesn't pay as well as expected, and it might be good to consider getting another one.

Especially on these first days, on the one hand, be very mindful of saving money, because your finances are not that great; and on the other, pay attention to your belongings, because you may lose valuables, your wallet, credit cards...

Also, reject the temptations of easy-to-get money and keep working hard.

In the second half of the month, the arrival of unexpected income will give you a breather, and your situation at work will improve. You'll start climbing up and you'll shortly get your reward in the form of a raise or promotion.

Health: Your health is on fire

Stars predict there'll be an especially bright month of May for your health. As days go by you'll feel better, and that'll give you a boost to take some initiatives that will improve your overall body health.

Taking better care of your hair, doing more sport, eating better... All this advice comes for your new month, and you can consider it with no pressure to feel even better.

Besides, a few issues that were clouding your mind will slowly solve themselves until you feel on top of the world.

This trend will change in the last few days, and perhaps nervousness and your immune system's decline will give you some trouble. Don't forget to get a check-up to make sure you're okay.