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Gemini February Stars Prediction

Gemini: Your Star Sign Revelations for February
 Gemini: Your February Stars Prediction |


Love: Don't hide away from Cupid

Those of you born between May 22 and June 21 will experience ups and downs in your February love life; there's still much work to do if you want to break down some emotional barriers. But have no fear, because stars can tell you're on the right track, and you'll take large steps before you know it. 

For our single, unattached Gemini friends, you'll have to make some efforts if you want Cupid to find you in the streets; however, February means Valentine's Day, a worldwide holiday devoted to love. If you want Cupid to strike you with an arrow of love, the last thing you should do is hide away.


Plan your expenses better, because you'll be slightly out of control with your credit card use and your bank transfers, and this could mean trouble; watch your numbers to make sure everything is within balance. By the way, cash isn't something so hot it burns, so spend it wisely. Savour your small victories at work, and learn to take things in the way they come.

Those unemployed Gemini will have to take advantage of the fate set by the stars, and get some advice from job consultants who tell them where to improve, so that they can find a job offer that's appropriate to their experience and education.


You'll feel that your hands and feet are getting drier, and maybe even dehydrated. Don't forget to take care of your limbs, dear Gemini. Break off your dependence on your phone, computer and e-mail, because you need a clearer mind, and you're storing up a lot of stress.

February is the best month for you to work hard on quitting smoking, if that is what you're struggling with. Your lungs will feel much cleaner, and your oral hygiene will improve significantly.

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