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The Annual Horoscope for Gemini for 2018

The prediction for Gemini for 2018.
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People born under Gemini, that means between May 22 and June 21, will start a year that won't be one of the best ones in their lives, but that even so, will still teach them new lessons that will serve them to grow as people.

Throughout 2018, the influence of some planets like Pluto could lead to a medical intervention or Saturn, that will force you to control your impulses, and theses mark some of the most important events of the year.


If you're single, halfway through the year, new romantic opportunities will show up for you. You'll feel more open to having a social life and this will help you to get to know more people, which will open your circle of friends and thus, the likelihood of meeting someone special enough to want to share your life with. During the first months of the year, you're advised to stay away from all of the people that could bring you harm.

Geminis that are in relationships will have to overcome a certain test that will put their relationship on edge. You should be careful and avoid putting your interests before your partner's and learn to be more detail oriented. It's important that the two of you row in the same direction if you want to stay together.


Your home and your family are the keys to your emotional well-being. Don't neglect them since they'll need your strength and energy in order to keep moving forward.

As far as your children go, there are no significant changes predicted, but for parents, there will be. It's likely that your parents may decide to take an important step in their relationship and this could directly affect you.


You'll experience a lack of balance in your finances. Overnight your financial situation could change drastically due to the Moon's influence, which means that there will be months where it will be hard for you to reach the end and others where you'll be doing better.

Putting a savings plan into effect would be highly recommendable for you, as well as learning to not get carried away by your impulses, and prioritizing the importance of the expenses that you must incur.


Make the most of job opportunities that will come about that are related to new technologies, these will be your passport to professional success. All natives of Gemini will be witnesses to their personal improvement professionally, after this summer. Until then, the months that remain won't be easy, since you'll have to prove what you're worth.

Participate in a cause, for example by volunteering for an NGO, which will serve as an escape route and you'll learn to empathize with others. This will help you to have a bit of extra motivation as well and turn into a way out when you feel like you just can't take it any longer.


Get enough sleep and don't tire yourself out too much. This will be fundamental for you during the first quarter of this year. Besides minor pain on certain days or the flu, you won't have to worry too much about anything serious.

It's likely that one of your biggest fears as far as health goes may reappear and settle into your life once again. Pain that you thought had vanished will return and it will force you to take drastic measures.

Although this isn't pleasant news, just think that before you, you'll have the opportunity to overcome this for once and for all and that everything will be just fine, even if intervention is necessary.

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