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The Wednesday January 24th Gemini Stars Prediction

The full star prediction on health, money and love

Gemini: Your Star Sign Revelations |



The struggle of twins Castor and Pollux against their cousins Idas and Lynceus ended with Idas killing Castor and Lynceus murdering Pollux, who was the sole survivor in the end, due to Idas being killed by Zeus' powerful thunderstrike.

Pollux was then unable to picture an immortal life without his brother, and Zeus eventually sent them into heaven as the protectors of sailors, thus becoming the Gemini constellation.

This is a proof of the importance that people born under this sign give to love, it is one of their lifelong priorities. Love will revive for you, stronger than ever, after a good long while spent alone.


You decided to put yesterday behind and face problems upfront with your biggest smile, but taking preventive measures so that you don't go through trouble again, like you did with that receipt.

In fact, it actually wouldn't be too much if you made sure all your payments are done and that you won't get any surprise receipts. Depending on your point of view, someone could even consider you're actually lucky: at least, you could afford to pay for it. Things can always take a turn for the worse.


You're too innocent if you think you'll get your resolutions done through a diet you found on the Internet. The rebound effect is a tangible, evident reality and it shows up just a few days after you've finished your diet.

Because, for your information, after losing a lot of weight in a short span of time, the body tends to get those extra pounds back quickly, which is just a total waste of time for the person going through the diet.