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As you may have seen, life as a couple doesn’t resemble what you had imagined at all. You’ll have to assume more responsibilities and also adapt to the demands of the other person.

Although you’re happy with that person, you also miss the freedom you had before. Do you remember when you left home without making the bed and without washing the dishes? Now you can’t do that.

In any case, because you’re in a relationship, you’ll relax with your physical appearance a lot. You don’t dress up as much as before because you know you’ve conquered your partner, but if you remember, what really caught their attention was how well dressed you always were.


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Right now you can’t consider yourself the most appropriate person to give advice. There are many aspects of your economy that reveal your shortcomings as an administrator.

First of all, you have to put your accounts in order and once you do, you’ll be ready to give recommendations to those who request them. Never do it without anyone asking since you’d like very smug.

You should always stay in the background in the workplace. Let others assume responsibility. They’ll entrust you with many tasks and since you won’t know how to do them, you’ll have to ask for advice from others. It’ll be a good opportunity to learn and continue your training.


You should always listen to any sign your body gives you.Gemini, it’s not a matter of you becoming a hypochondriac, but every once in a while you should go for a checkup to the doctor.

If you have to undergo treatment, remember that taking certain drugs with alcohol is very dangerous. Especially since it can make you sleepy when driving.

You want to practice more exercise so you’ll try to ask a friend for help. However, you should learn to train on your own, because this way you won’t depend on anyone. What will you do when that person can’t meet up with you? Will you stay at home? Try to be more independent when it comes to sports.