You'll feel very happy. Life gives you love and harmony for your efforts and everything you've done regarding your relationships in general.

Good news and happy moments will come as the days go by.

You can enjoy good energy as long as you remember the importance of not focusing your attention on the defects or shortcomings of the people who love you. If you persist in this critical way of seeing things, you could deteriorate your relationship and hurt people with your words.

As of Wednesday, the stars show a tendency to expand your social circle. You make new friends and meet amazing people. But don't neglect anyone, you could start fantasising about someone who's very attractive and forget the importance of a worthwhile relationship.

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This week you'll feel a lot of activity around you. Astral movements show possible work trips for the natives of Gemini.

Everyone knows you're able to multitask. Your mental agility is one of your best attributes and you can really use it this week. Teamwork and collaboration with groups will be very rewarding.

Towards the weekend, things get somewhat sour. Your points of view are very different from those of the people around you and you may argue with some colleagues.

If you're looking for a new job, this is the week of important interviews, so be aware of what you say and show moderation in your opinions.

Looking after your home and investing in some household goods to improve your quality of life will give you great satisfaction.

Some of the fortune numbers for the natives of your sign for this week are 101, 19 and 705, among others. Read your daily horoscope this week to discover the tips these numbers bring.


This week your health won't show great changes according to the prevailing astral conditions, but remember to do things to help you calm down and feel good, as well as working towards your goals without exhausting yourself.