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You should never lose hope if you haven't found a partner yet. Any second now, the one you've been waiting for could show up in your life.

Don't be afraid of taking the leap and asking out that special person. You've known them for quite a while now, but your fear of rejection is keeping you stuck in place.

If you're currently engaged or seeing someone, you have an intense week ahead of you where sex will be the main star. It seems it'll manage to put off all the blazing fires that affected your relationship as of lately, which had nearly brought things to breaking point. Take this chance to know your partner a little better.


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Geminis, your financial situation could be perceived as good, so you can rest assured. However, you are indeed worried about the issues that a close relative is going through. Even if they don't make things fully clear when you're talking, you are aware of their struggles.

You're in serious doubts about whether you should offer them a loan, but you're not entirely confident that they'll give you your money back in the future. In that case, your feelings will take over your budgeting.

Get ready to receive some extra income which could come from a lottery or inheritance. You'll be quite excited about it because you weren't expecting it, and you'll use it to increase your savings.


After a few days of excess, it's time to take good care of yourselves. In order to do that, your best bet is to cleanse your body through plenty of water and fruit smoothies.

Try to include more fish into your diet, and bet on seasonal vegetables to enjoy your meals so much more.

Even if you're not a person who complains about being feverish too much, this time you'll attempt to catch the attention of your beloved ones and you'll be a bit of a drama queen about your ailments. You'll choose to stay in bed despite the fact that you could do a lot.