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The influence of the Moon makes you do a review process. You’ve been with your partner for a while now and it looks like you’re too stagnant. Your relationship doesn’t seem to be evolving.

You may still have special feelings for a previous partner. It’s best to bury past feelings and move on. You can’t always be living off of memories. So delete them from your social media and forget their phone number.

A relationship with two people is not the best option either since you don’t want to see anyone suffer. Focus fully on your current relationship and start taking your partner’s proposals more seriously. They need you to get much more involved.

A change of scene might suit you, especially if you meet your ex on the street or at work.


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You’ve decided to change jobs. Gemini, you feel like your role is not very important in your company and nobody gives you the opportunity to prove your worth. You know you can find another job easily, but before you actually quit, it’s best if you have something to fall back on and have another job lined up. Find out what may be the best job for you.

You’re a bit impulsive when carrying out commercial operations. It’s possible that the lack of time prevents you from thinking about things enough, so losses can become normal.

You should start from scratch and instead of taking responsibility for the accounts, delegate to a person you trust, who’ll take care of managing your assets or savings. You should, of course, follow their advice to a tee.



Get ready to speak in public. But you’re not very used to it. You’ll have to rehearse a lot to be up to the task. You fear that nerves might jeopardise your performance, but if you prepare your speech well there’ll be no problem.

Remember that to feel comfortable, you need to get to this encounter with a healthy throat, so avoid catching a cold and take honey with lemon to clear your vocal cords.

By the way, try to have a routine for meals, especially for the good of your body.


 You shouldn’t be having lunch at 1 pm some days and at 4 pm other days.