Gemini Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


This week tends to good energies when it comes to your love life, Gemini. You're blessed by the astral effluvia and thanks to the friendly energy that prevails in the environment, you can work to favour or repair the relationships that are going through a stormy period.

If you live with your partner, your family life will be placid and harmonious. You'll be able to plan changes and improvements and reach agreements easily regarding common goals.

If you're one of the Gemini who has children in their families, whether they be siblings, your own children or nephews or nieces, you have to listen to the children's needs. Perhaps they need someone to hear them or contain them in situations that concern them.

Towards the weekend cuddles and romance intensify in quantity and quality, Gemini. If you're in a relationship you'll enjoy complicity and physical intimacy more than ever.

 If you're a single native, get ready to enjoy encounters that will touch the most intimate fibres of your soul.

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Expect amazing surprises this week. Your career is going quite well and you have many resources at your disposal to face the challenges that arise in your professional life. You'll probably be able to progress after understanding details or inconveniences in your professional life that you couldn't detect before. You've developed many new skills and your growth is remarkable Gemini.

You'll detect third party workings that threaten your security so you'll be able to stop them before they harm you.

If you're looking for a job, apply for the positions that tick all the boxes you need regarding movement and diversity. Repetitive tasks aren't your thing and you could waste your time and commit to people who trust you in vain.


This week stands out by the good energy that influences all aspects of your life.

The health of your body is good in general, Gemini. The only disturbance you can suffer regarding your physical well-being originates in your sedentary habits and your nervous system. You spend many hours in front of your computer and that only fuels a state of irritability that can only be solved with exercise.

Go for a walk, stretch or do some yoga. This will bring you many physical and mental benefits.