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Just as you show yourself close and affectionate with your partner, don’t expect the same treatment on their part. There’s something that worries them and prevents them from approaching you so easily. It’s possible that certain behaviours you have had in the last few days have made them somewhat upset.

New people will appear in your life in the next few days. Some of them will be too attractive and won’t go unnoticed by you. Some people may think that any way you approach these people is cheating. That may explain the attitude your partner is adopting to some extent.

You’ll also have to coexist with conflicts with family and friends. Even if you aren’t going to get involved in the arguments, you’ll always have to contribute your point of view and that won’t please everyone.


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If you have a business, someone might be interested in one of the services you provide or the products you sell. However, it seems that they don’t value your effort at all because they’ll demand a reduced price.

You’ll do everything you can to contain yourself and not be rude. You think that the work of a professional can’t be belittled like that.

You’ll have to make a number of important payments, but instead of paying the money at once, you’ll propose the option of doing it in instalments, so that your accounts don’t suffer so much. Of course, check that you don’t get charged interest to do so.

You sometimes buy more than what you need and when your bills arrive you get a shock and in a very bad mood.


There are certain habits that show your degree of sedentary lifestyle.Gemini, you use your car every time you have to go to the shop or to go to work when you could actually just go on foot. Think about saving a lot of money on petrol and your health will also thank you.

Once you start walking at least one hour a day, you’ll see how you’re more agile and you’ll even breathe better. You should focus on keeping your body active, within reason and not going crazy with intensity.

When you have a question about any illness or disease, instead of looking for answers on the Internet, you should see a professional. Only then will you get a reliable diagnosis.