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Showing a more relaxed, less proud attitude towards others makes you more popular and helps you feel better about yourselves. The week begins with the extreme need to go back to your humble, open, nice personality. On Tuesday, guilt and remorse could make your day grey and sour.

Geminis, your soul will gradually open up, and you need to learn to communicate better with others, and to accept them the way they are. On Thursday, you'll get a chance to find people with whom to share your good mood.

On Friday you should devote some time to rebuilding your self-esteem to have more confidence and self-belief. Perhaps your answers lie in magic, esotericism, philosophy and religion, because on Saturday your imagination and mind will be more open than ever. Sunday's a great day for family ties.

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There's plenty of work at the start of the week and you can't do it all. If you're humble enough as to admit it and you know how to share tasks, you'll perform better and reduce stress. You need to put a red circle around Tuesday, a complicated day when your projects could turn upside down.

Halfway through the week, the trend at this point in your finances expands, which encourages risky operations and ambitious investments to progress quick. Good luck will help you create a good-vibration circuit that calls upon even more luck.

On Friday there'll be a trend switch, and confusion and rushing will make you more prone to mistakes and frustration, a true challenge to show your ability to overcome adversity. On Saturday, it's all in your favour to keep expanding your economy, although you might get bad news on Sunday.


Your week will begin by having to reduce your stress and nervousness levels, and what better way than that to introduce yourselves to the world of meditation and breathing control. On Tuesday you should avoid inactivity, especially if you're trying to put off some extra pounds.

Wednesday will be a turning point for those of you who are dragging around an ailment, especially around your stomach and head, because the stars predict there's quite a positive trend change coming. However, on Thursday you should be very careful about kidney issues.

On Friday, your good health will cheer you up despite work issues and private life concerns. Devote the weekend to making your body stronger, and Sunday will be the perfect day to have a spa and massage session.