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You’re under the impression that you don’t receive a response to your approaches, which will force you to change your strategy. That person hardly notices you.

At some point, approaching other people with the intention of provoking jealousy crosses your mind, but it isn’t the right thing either.

It might have been a while since you’ve put your seduction arts into practice and that’s probably why you’re so rusty. Believe it or not, times have changed and people now flirt in a different way.

The Gemini who have a partner will see how the relationship becomes more stable and they can even consider the option of moving in together. You think you already know them well.

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You’ll find the information you’ve been looking for for some time at last and that’ll enable you to face a series of bigger challenges. It’ll be a good opportunity to not stagnate.

At work you’ll try to be as productive as possible and, no matter how hard things get, you’ll never refuse to do a task. You’ll be an example for the rest of your colleagues, so don’t rule out that someone might feel envious of you.

A propitious stage to move or change house is approaching. You’ll find a bargain to rent that will help you save a lot of money. You’ll come out stronger of any negotiation since you’ll achieve what you propose.


As soon as you wake up, spend ten minutes relaxing, doing breathing exercises. To do this, find somewhere in your house where there are no noises or distractions. It’ll be a way to start the day with an open mind and no worries.

Those who work in offices should avoid sitting for eight hours straight. Get up from time to time and stretch. And to move around the city, avoid driving and try to walk as much as possible. Your health will improve and you’ll also save some cash o public transport.

When it comes to losing weight, you shouldn’t set goals in the short term. You won’t see the results in just a couple of days and you could be discouraged by only losing a few grams.

You’re on the right path and you don’t have to weigh yourself on a daily basis, a couple of times a week will be enough.