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Your week will start on the right foot in your love life. You’ll see how your partner stays faithful to you, especially in the moments of weakness, where you’ll appreciate any gesture of affection. There will be favourable circumstances to enjoy a romantic plan for the weekend.

You have to assume that everyone is wrong, especially when you live with someone else. You often think you’re not worth as much as your partner, but that’s not true. You have to stop demanding so much of yourself.

Before starting a new relationship, you need to be clear about what you want from a partner. Are you looking for something stable for the rest of your life or just an adventure where sex is the protagonist? Depending on your interests, you can guide your search to one place or another.


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Thanks to your skills as a negotiator, you’ll be able to convince someone to forgive a debt you had with them. Undoubtedly, this experience will be of great value for the future, since you won’t make the same mistakes and start spending based on your actual finances.

At work, you’ll earn the respect of other colleagues, especially with your daily effort, where you never give up no matter how hard things get. You know that although you won’t make friends in the company, you should always get along with everyone.

Those who work on their own will verify that if they really need to grow professionally, they have to invest more money in machinery and in larger facilities. You think that only then can you evolve and catch up with the competition.


You’ll be very active throughout the week. No matter how many commitments you have, you’ll always be able to do everything in the time you’d set aside. This will only be possible thanks to the energy you’ll find in the stars.

You’ll sometimes feel a bit confused, especially when you have to choose between two paths. You’re afraid of failing and the more you think about things, the worse results you get.

You need to overcome that feeling of vulnerability that accompanies you once and for all, which makes you look very weak when facing the attacks of others. Gemini, a few people will take advantage of that and will blame you for mistakes you haven’t made.