Gemini Horoscope Weekly
Your Gemini Horoscope for this week | Magic Horoscope


This week your imagination and the way you get distracted show certain immaturity and could lead to some problems in your family or relationships. You might be communicating your unrealistic or fanciful expectations of the future. You aren’t taking all the variables into account and you’re stranded in your dreams without thinking about what others feel or live.

But thanks to your good mood, you can cope with all your problems with joy and flexibility this week. Your friends will support and all the people you meet these days will be friendlier than usual since they’ll be influenced by the stars in a special and unique way.



The good cosmic energy that comes into your life when it comes to work, money and your career is excellent to move forward with everything you set your mind to. You can search for your destination thanks to the astral positions that impregnate you with the best benefits that the cosmos brings for the natives of your sign.

Your performance may not be what stands out the most, but your ability to empathise with customers or colleagues. Gemini, you’ll do your best thanks to the influence that Venus brings to the natives of your sign in your subconscious.

Some of the fortune numbers for the natives of your sign for this week are 10, 153 and 22, among others. You can read your horoscope every day to discover the messages that these numbers bring to your life and the most important tips for Gemini natives.


There’s nothing like the health of the natives of your sign. You usually feel good thanks to your good vibes and your optimism. But if you want to be in better shape, there’s nothing like rest to face the week with joy and energy.

You’ll experience a few days in which you’ll eat properly and enjoy the time to spend eating like a spiritual experience. You’ll learn a lot from yourself if you observe your own behaviours Gemini.