Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 16 - 22 September

Magic Horoscope’s most important news for this week
Gemini Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope

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You have to advocate a smooth communication throughout the week Gemini. Don't cut an interesting conversation short thinking that you've already got your away or that only you are right.

You'll have to work to understand the points of view of others better. Magic Horoscope reveals that this will be very hard for you.

You have to walk in the shoes of the person in front of you, especially if it's your (present or future) partner. Let others display their arguments, express themselves, but pay attention to their words, otherwise, it'll be of little use.

Listening to others will also help you to discover that a friend needs some help and that you can do a lot for them.

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You free yourself from restrictive or unflattering ties regarding work this week. You're going to spread your wings and fly because it's your turn, Gemini.

You won't care about what others might say, according to your weekly prediction. You won't allow anyone to comment on your decisions unless you've asked them politely to let you know what they think.

Everything is calm at home and you have some savings that are growing gradually. You open to the outside and it gives you new ideas to maintain the financial balance that you'll be able to use properly.


Under the current influence of the stars, this week favours everything related to nature. The easy thing would be to think about running at the beach or going to the forest with your dog for walks but go further. It's a good time to develop your gift in gardening or to help out at an animal shelter.

Your sex life will be somewhat slow. Your partner (or other people) still seem desirable to you, but the stress caused by work and other circumstances makes you feel less sensual than expected Gemini.

If you see that this attitude goes on for too long, try to make an appointment with a therapist, to detect what your problem is.