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Gemini Weekly Prediction for 17-23 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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Calmness and depth will make you enter much more rewarding relationships, as you learn to say no and set boundaries from Monday onwards. On Tuesday, your personal relationships will enter a slightly toxic stage which must be faced from a mature point of view nevertheless.

The Moon surrounds you in a day of passion and intimacy of Wednesday, quite a good day for confessions and honesty. But watch out, Geminis! On Thursday, the horoscope warns that it's dangerous to mingle with highly introspective and emotional signs such as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

On Friday, the arrival of someone important will fill your soul with bliss and wellness. Avoid melancholy and nostalgia. Once again, on the weekend, the watery signs will bring you into an emotional stage. On Sunday, chase your dreams and don't stop fighting for what you love.


On Monday, organising your time and planning tasks will help maximise your efforts and be successful with less stress on your mind. However, reality will become confusing on Tuesday; what seemed easy at first isn't that easy in the end, and what's complicated is surprisingly easier than expected.

On Wednesday, you'll have trouble when you mix your private and professional life. If you work with friends or family, put your feelings aside and set business as the main priority. On Thursday, in order to create a routine that reduces obstacles at work, make your environment more dynamic with laughter and a good mood. Promote your talent, and find new stars.

Sharing knowledge will round off quite a productive day on Friday. On Saturday you should stick to that trend and avoid limiting yourselves to individuality at work. On Sunday, don't listen to the charming tunes offering you easy, quick money.


Turn off your devices and stay away from work to rest better. That'll be your main priority early this week, from Monday onwards. On Tuesday, that extreme exhaustion will get you to sleep poorly, and you'll be late and have a foul attitude at work. Change your routines.

On Wednesday, everyone around you could be quite a powerful source for optimism and rehab. On Thursday, you can convey optimism and highly beneficial positive vibrations to others. on Friday, you'll reach the peak of your improvement trend, and you'll be at an exceptional time.

Don't forget to pair up mental wellness with vitamins and minerals to boost your physical health on the weekend. Sunday marks the start of some harsh days when you should stay disciplined to avoid excess that might ruin your progress so far.

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