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Success in your relationships isn't just a lucky break. You're better than anyone else at treating people and that's opened many doors out for you. Right now, you're in one of the sweetest stages of your life, and you had to socialise with many people to meet your current partner.

You always do everything you can to bring your partner into your friends' group. You want them to be one more friend in the gang, and it's mostly likely that they'll be gladly welcome.

You know out of experience that there's room for everyone in your life, so there's no reasons to exclude anyone. It's something that everyone understands and accepts.

For this week, the stars foresee you'll have a very high libido, so get ready to enjoy intimate times with your loved one.


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You'll start taking profit of everything you've learned as of lately. After taking a few courses and gaining some experience in the job market, you'll have a chance to get a better job where you are properly acknowledged.

However, even if you've got a bed of roses at the beginning of the week, don't think things couldn't ever go wrong. Still, you'll manage to overcome any obstacles with your wits.

You'll be highly interested about second-hand items. At the market, certain pieces can reach high prices, so you'll try to get rid of the items you've been piling up at home which you don't use as much. Maybe someone will appreciate them more. That money will be great for you.


Before making any physical efforts, think about whether it's worth it. You usually load up too much weight on you, or do too demanding activities, but at some point you could get seriously injured. The first few days of the week, you'll have a tendency to go too far, and you'll reach the weekend with barely minimum strength.

Maybe it's time to start worrying more about you and less about others. You're always alert on the health status of your family and friends, but no one seems to remember you. This is because you never complain about your pain in public, but perhaps you might want to start doing so.

Everyone likes being paid attention.