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You really want to feel love from a more intimate point of view. You find it harder to get together with your partner without children or family members in the way. Use your imagination to surprise your partner and leave them awestruck.

Singles are at a propitious moment to find their soul mate, but they don’t do anything to interact with other people. Don’t wait for others to take the first step every time you go to a disco. Have a little initiative.

You don’t need to take it really fast when it comes to searching for love. Try to be more cautious and before taking an important step, you have to be truly convinced.

Can you imagine meeting a person on Monday and moving in with them on Saturday? Right now you’d be willing to do anything without listening to the recommendations of others.


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A number of questions that worried you start to have answers. You now know who your boss will be and what role they’ll have within the company. Even if you aren’t in the same department, you fear there will so many changes within the company that they may affect you at some point.

You plan to face a series of important changes in your life that’ll force you to spend a certain amount of money. You’ll start by selling your house and moving to a better neighbourhood. Check you can take on so many expenses, especially if the new house is in a luxury community, where you’ll have to pay for everything.

You’ll use up the savings it’s taken you such a long time to put together in less time than you think.




When pain comes over you, Gemini, you’ll do anything to find a remedy. And for that reason, after checking with a specialist and not obtaining the desired results, you’ll end up trusting a healer.

Be very careful with the scam artists that boast of having a gift but when push comes to shove they’ll experiment with you and end up worsening your health.

If you start a treatment and don’t see improvements during the first few days, check with your doctor to find the best solution. You have to be patient and trust professionals.