Gemini Weekly Horoscope. | Magic Horoscope


The week doesn't begin at all well regarding your family and love life. You'll feel somewhat reluctant to contemplate the needs of others. You may even generate small altercations that aren't necessary. Pride when communicating could betray your need for peace.

But don't be afraid, Gemini. With the passing of the days, the stars soften your expression and you recover your natural positive energy. This way you attract the love and willingness of those you live with.

Family life brings peace and contention to your heart, Gemini. In your loved ones, you find an anchor for your mind and your heart.

By the weekend, understanding and romanticism make their appearance and a shade of pink washes over every relationship. You can think clearly about your feelings and you live all your social encounters with joy and a good mood.

Your good vibrations affect your love life and you'll be very attractive.

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At the beginning of the week, you'll have to organise your taxes and review your bills since these issues will be very important and they'll make you worry until Wednesday.

On Thursday, you can begin to take care of your work matters in more detail. You should take advantage of Mars' energy in your career and how it helps to culminate unfinished business and close details that cause you uneasiness and that can harm your good reputation.

The atmosphere inside the office will be more pleasant than on other occasions. You'll find that people view your proposals under a positive light and that they receive your ideas with enthusiasm.

You have numerous skills that you should start appreciating if you don't already. It's time to support your creativity with confidence and water it with cooperation, Gemini.

Many team projects are waiting for you.


In general, the natives of Gemini will enjoy good health although their tendency to stress easily will be reinforced by the planetary aspects in force this week.

Gemini, you have to learn to take care of your nervous system. Modulating your energy is very important for you this week. You'll tend to small accidents and discomforts due to bad management of your mental activity this week. Going for a walk in nature will help you.