Weekly Horoscope for Gemini. | Magic Horoscope


This week is magnificent for matters of the heart. Romantic relationships will be part of an astral mechanism that brings nothing but blessings to your intimate life.

You can enjoy your sexuality in a unique way, Gemini. Soft and harmonious feelings will arrive at your emotional port, which will allow you to unleash desires and fantasies that you've never experienced before.

Your body will find new ways of communicating. You'll feel the influence of the planetary activity that occurs in your astral area that's linked to sex thanks to the available energy.

By the weekend, you'll spend beautiful moments surrounded by friends, which could be overshadowed by hostile comments.

 You may want to start a new path in your love life. You might be tired of some habits in the way you interact with others that don't make you happy. You may be able to focus on learning about your motivations and making some changes.

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Your position at work will benefit from some changes in the way you seduce your clients or boss. You have adopted a somewhat messy but bold style at work, Gemini

You'll start new routines that help you and strengthen your ability to meet your goals.

Your financial situation is unbeatable with respect to what you've been experiencing in the past. This week you can observe how much you've grown with satisfaction.

You're very flexible and your nature is dynamic, so it isn't difficult for you to adapt to new methods that appear on your professional horizon. You need to keep things real and stop dreaming and fantasising about possible business. You'll get potential partners or collaborators to help you and that will attract unexpected gains to your life.

The numbers of fortune for the natives of Gemini for this week are 15, 25 and 44. Discover the vibration of these numbers in this week's daily predictions.


There are no serious problems for the natives of your sign in the astral horizon.

Gemini, it's likely that you have to deal with various inconveniences that you've ignored for some time. Ignoring the signs your body sends isn't an option if you want to take care of your health this week.

Your nervous system will be going through days of irritability and tension. Taking care of the quality of your rest will be a fantastic tool to meet your goals this week.