Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 2-8 September

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There will be clouds in the sky of Gemini's love life today, especially if they are in a distance relationship. You'll be filled with doubts and insecurities. You'll think about doing the impossible to be next to the person you love and who dissipates all fears.

You'll focus more on the happiness of your loved ones than on your own and you should take care of your ability to convince others to join your plans: your choices won't be great.

There are temptations to rekindle the embers of an old love. Among Gemini singles, but this will only diminish your ability to evolve. The flame will never burn again and it'll be easier to argue than to love.

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The weekly prediction sees a lot of movement in your career and you're going to worry a lot about different issues regarding your professional life. Are you happy with your current job or is it drowning your true vocation?

Be an entrepreneur and you'll find the light in your path, but don't be too cocky. There will be days when you're so sure of yourself that you can sell the milk before you even have a cow.

You may not like the advice you receive on how to manage your accounts, but they'll be loaded with truth and honesty: if you follow them you can experience growth. Although you'll experience a real challenge!


Eating and cooking will be some of the great pleasures you'll enjoy in the coming days according to Magic Horoscope. If you enjoy a feast one night, try to close your beak the next morning and spend a little more time at the gym.

You'll feel like a king at home: it's your comfort zone and it'll be hard for you to get out. It'll be a good time to read that novel you were given for your birthday and that you still haven't started.

Spiritually, you'll feel very developed and you'll help those who really need it: relatives who are sick or who have reduced mobility.