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The position of the stars will give you a lot of energy and a sense of freedom that you haven’t experienced in recent times. Everything you do from now on shouldn’t need the approval of anyone. You’ll be the one who decides about everything.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you don’t manage to get your partner involved in your relationship. You’re the one who carries the whole weight of the relationship.

During the last days of the week, prepare yourself to endure heated arguments in your family. You believe that you’ve given for person everything and you haven’t received anything in return. It’s a temporary situation that can change in a matter of days. A bouquet of roses won’t fix it.

Think that your relationship can’t get any worse.


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You feel you’ve got all the skills you need to do everything that you propose. You’ll be blessed by the stars to achieve all the goals you set. At some point, you’ll feel a bit pressured by the demands of your superiors, but you’ll always succeed in carrying out the tasks you’re assigned.

It is likely that you will have to face a number of expenses you weren’t counting on and that will significantly affect your current account. Gemini, thank goodness that you thought of saving some money during the last few months in order to have a safety net.

You won’t be able to take part in activities and trips with your friends because you won’t have much money left and that will make you look like a very stingy person. Some people should practice some empathy when offering their opinion.

You have a clear idea of the path you’re meant to follow, so now don’t stray now.


You should try to listen to your bodily needs whenever possible. Eating the right amount, drinking more water or getting enough rest are just some of the things that will help you listen to what your body needs.

Never forget that your body has its limits and going on until you reach your limit really isn’t worth it.

It would be good to find a person to go out with on walks or to go to the gym with, especially when you’re feeling most lazy since the only thing you think about is staying home watching television and eating something sweet.

Worry more about the little details that are affecting your health.