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It's obvious you're not too trusting of your possibilities. Every time you have an argument you give up at the slightest chance, and never counterargument your opponent's claims.

Geminis, it'll be quite a good week to meet new people, who can turn out to be quite interesting if they give you new things.However, once again, you'll see how hard it is to make a relationship steady. In a few days' time you'll completely lose touch and they'll disappear from your life, as was the case for many others before.

You're starting to feel something special about someone around you, but you know it's very unlikely that your friendship evolves into something else, especially if they already have a partner. You're not trying to ruin any relationships. Love will keep itself out of your reach.


After a time of much financial distress, it seems you're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A series of past investments are starting to bring some profits.

Start checking off all pending tasks from your to-do list which can help you make some budget cuts on regular expenses, such as the power, gas or phone bills.

If you're out of work, you'll receive some calls to join a company and get a new position. It might not be the job of your dreams, but at least it'll help make your delicate financial situation easier to deal with. If you're just a little bit patient, you'll get the position you want so much which is playing hard to get.


Every time you hear something you don't like, you react very aggressively. You get very easily altered, both with your loved ones and strangers. It's time to calm down and handle issues with a different attitude.

Control your nerves, and before giving an answer you might regret, you're better off counting to ten.

For your health, it'll be quite beneficial to meet up with your most trusted acquaintances, who can make you smile in the toughest times. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and get in touch with them!