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Some singles will fall for a person they just met. It may simply be physical attraction, but when you start going out with this person and getting to know them, you’ll realise how different you are.

Right now you’re looking for a partner that gives you stability and that’s for life, you feel that you can’t choose wrong yet again. On the other hand, the other person opts for a more open relationship, without ties. That’s something that you’re not willing to accept.

It’ll be a favourable week for romantic dinners, whether you are single or not.

Marriages, on the other hand, are so solid, that arguments won’t damage your happiness at any time. In a very short time, you’ll be able to achieve peace.

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You assume that the whole family lives off your money and that means a great responsibility for you since you can’t afford to quit your job or be unemployed.

Gemini, right now you’re in a very stable situation at work, but don’t rule out looking for another job, especially if you can earn more.

As for savings, you prefer not to take risks with certain investments, although many friends try to convince you that it’s the most suitable thing to do. For now, you prefer to watch what others do and later on, you’ll consider what to do with the money you have in the bank and that doesn’t give you any benefits.


This week you won’t be able to resist sweets.You’ll walk past bakeries and sweet shops and end up buying something. It shows that you have little will power.

Going on a diet for a few days is completely pointless if you’re going to skip it every other day. You can occasionally indulge, but buying a dozen cakes for yourself isn’t just a treat.

Going to the gym feels increasingly difficult, possibly because it’s far from your house, but if that’s an impediment to exercise, it’s best to buy an exercise or a static bike to do something in your spare time. You just have to find a bit of time to transform a room that’s full of things you don’t use into a gym.