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In the most difficult moments, the stars recommend that you show your most diplomatic side. At certain times, due to stress or tension, you may initiate unnecessary conflict, but in a very short time, you’ll realise your mistakes and try to apologise.

You won’t want to unleash a war at home, especially for something that just isn’t worth it. Therefore, from now on, you plan to take things more calmly and you’ll think about what you say before talking with anyone.

During the second half of the week, singles will begin to notice a particular person. They’ll even become obsessed with them and will do everything they can to get to know them. You’ll use all your contacts in order to get their phone number and for someone to introduce you to them.

At first glance, they seem like the perfect partner, but you can’t get a clear idea of what’s going on until you know what their intentions are.


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It’s time for you to go back to all the projects that you had started and that you had left aside due to lack of financing. If you really trust they’ll work, you’ll fight day and night to get the money you need.

Before turning to banks, why not try your friends and family? Try selling the project as best as possible.Gemini, do everything you can to show them that this is a viable initiative. Someone will think that you’re daydreaming and won’t pay you any attention.

Those who already have a stable job shouldn’t move from their company. Although sometimes you want to leave everything behind because of your differences with your boss and colleagues, you have to do everything you can to put up with it.


There are certain foods that, however much you like them, aren’t really good for you or you can’t digest them well. You may be intolerant to them. You should go to the doctor and get checked to see what the problem is. This is the case, for example, of milk, pasta or bread.

If you’re going through medical treatment, you should follow every instruction you’ve been given, especially if you want to speed up your recovery. It’s in your hands, so don’t look for excuses.

Among all the new people that appear in your life, you may find someone who closely resembles you, with whom you can share hours of leisure and sports. You have been searching for a long time, so try to take maximum care of them to enjoy their company.