Gemini Weekly Horoscope
Gemini Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




During the next few days, the softest aspect of Venus will bless your life as a couple and you’ll feel like living with joy. Sensuality and passion are reborn this week. The spark that was going out burns stronger again and you’ll have the best virtues to correct the situation if it was twisted because of you.

You won’t worry about saying that there are things that you could have done better, and therefore you’ll double your efforts to be attentive with your better half and with the other members of your family. You’ll learn to manage your time.

You’ll want to write a new chapter in your love life if you’re divorced or single. However, you may be a little clumsy and therefore you should brush up on your seduction techniques.

Don’t you think they’ve become obsolete? We also have a tip for you: don’t overdo daring caresses or inappropriate gestures during first dates. Moderation, Gemini.

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You’re in a good period to negotiate what you want. You can sign new contracts, travel abroad to win new clients or simply ask your boss for a raise or better incentives this week.

There will be some complicated moments, of course especially if you have to compete with other people. Although, is there a week during which everything just flows? Never, especially not when it comes to money!

Take care of your appearance to increase your chances of success. Make sure you look the part within your industry.


Magic Horoscope doesn’t foresee anything else other than good health for the week ahead. Your energy will be very good, you’ll be able to listen to your body before you burn out and you’ll manage it with a remarkable talent.

You may be short of breath at times Gemini, but it’ll due to stress. Everything is so fast-paced all the time and you’ll have to hit the brakes and count to twenty so that stress doesn’t take over your life.

Geminis who suffer food allergies should be very careful this week. Keep an eye on what you eat, especially in bars and restaurants.