Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 24 - 30 June

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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Prepare to endure important changes in your love life. You’ve just overcome a very traumatic stage, with many deceptions and jealousy, so now you can only think about being happy with your loved ones.

It’ll only be for a while because before you imagine, you’ll meet a very interesting person who’ll win you over. You know that not everyone is the same and no matter how many mistakes you’ve made in your day, you’re willing to give love a new chance. Fate will end up uniting you.

You know that you need to move on and start from scratch as soon as possible, so you’ll discard any possibility of reconciliation with old partners.

More peace will support the Gemini who are in a committed relationship. They’ll share moments of great passion with their partner, especially during the weekend, and with their peaceful attitude, they’ll be able to avoid any conflict that may arise at home.


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You’ll have to do a lot of paperwork to receive money from an inheritance or donation. In any case, doing it will be worthwhile since you’ll see how your wealth increases considerably in a short period of time.

You might even despair, especially when you’re asked to produce many documents that you don’t have at your disposal. To avoid certain situations, you should put everything in the hands of professionals to advise you on the steps to take.

In your career, someone will rescue you from ostracism. Until now, you’ve had a role that was very inferior with respect to your training, but after a while, you start to be seen as a very important value for your company, so you’ll do everything you can to stay in the company.


You’ll experience moments of great emotional tension, largely motivated by the changes that await you. You’ll be so involved in a series of personal matters that you’ll hardly have time to enjoy your hobbies.

Even if you wake up super excited to start your day, try to dose your energy, especially because your work and the things you have to do at home will require a lot of your attention until late at night.

You had set a number of goals regarding your health, but you’ll have to pay all your attention to something else. You find it very difficult to eat healthily when you spend a lot of time away from home since you always end up eating at a restaurant and don’t choose the lightest dishes.