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Don’t provoke jealousy or situations of doubt that may endanger your relationship. You’ll make a serious mistake if you resume contact with a person from the past who hurt you a lot. It’s time for you to move on as soon as possible and start enjoying your life not caring about what other people say.

It’s also not the best time for you to boast of your love conquests. You’re determined to screw up and create conflicts without there being any need. Why do not you choose to keep quiet?

Everything you‘ve achieved during the last few days can be ruined by not thinking about things properly. Don’t discard that the person you love so much will leave your side temporarily with the intention of thinking about the future of your relationship.

To some extent, you’ll end up feeling guilty about everything.


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Gemini, you’ll be able to relax at work again after a very tense stage, where discussions and differences with colleagues were constant. It’s possible that with by firing someone, everything goes back to being peaceful.

You’ll begin to feel more important within the company’s machinery. Instead of asking your boss for more money, you prefer to be rewarded with more days off.

You already know that there are things that are more important than money and it’s to have free time to do what you like most.

Even if your finances are good, you shouldn’t just start giving away money to everyone. You can’t fall so easily into the claws of people who try to sell you things. They offer you great deals and you always end up buying something you don’t need.


You shouldn’t follow any diet without the supervision of a professional. You go back on a diet for the umpteenth time and to do so, you’ll get rid of all the cakes and sweets you have at home.

You’ll have a very bad time every time you walk past a bakery, but you have to be strong and endure.

On many occasions, cakes are a comfort to you so you can make it past the periods you feel more stressed. You end up taking refuge in sweets, but you could also try other solutions such as sports. Find an activity that keeps you entertained and that you really like.