Gemini Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Many of your dreams will come true thanks to the influence of beneficial planets in your love and relationship area.

You'll discover that love needs good communication and openness to a more compassionate point of view. A point of view that involves the needs of others. This will especially affect the natives of the third position.

Many of the natives of Gemini have been arguing a lot this year and have separated or divorced their partners. If you're one of them, it's time to take in the cosmic energy and rebuild your relationship.

Thursday is your magical day for emotions and family life. You can see every detail you need to evolve in your relationships and find the harmony you so long for. This astral aspect won't happen again in your sign for another twelve years, so you shouldn't miss this opportunity to stabilise your love life.


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If you're expecting news or confirmations about your career progression, this week you come face to face with the solutions you need to move towards a more prosperous future. You need to concentrate and choose the best path since much of your destiny develops from your choices.

This week, Gemini natives are being subjected to some pressure regarding money. You may need to evaluate cuts in your expenses and set a new budget.

The challenge this week will be to be more mature regarding your finances.


Your health may suffer because of the demands of your routine.

The organs that filter your blood will have to work a lot since the lack of rest added to a poor diet exposes you to many health problems in the long term.

Poor digestion and insufficient detoxing could cause discomforts like leg cramps, peripheral blood pressure deficiency, allergic reactions, hives, fatigue, constipation, migraines, and fatigue.

Stop eating processed foods, drink lemonade, eat fruits and vegetables to provide your intestine with fibre and go for walks to help your body detox. You'll sleep much better at night and you'll feel well in general, Gemini.